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User Manager

What is the User Manager?

The User Manager is a database that holds all personal information and access permissions for any lab users, pathologists, clinicians, and staff who have been added to the system. It also allows Managers to add new people, and manage usernames and passwords, CLIA and NPI numbers, signatures, roles, and more.

The database will display this information in two ways:

  1. Report Viewer Access: This method is for viewing only. It is reserved for the lab’s referring clinicians and their staff or Facility Managers, and allows them to view their reports online or submit orders using the Online Requisition module.
    1. Users in the Report Viewer will be able to access only those reports that have been assigned to them.
  2. LIS Access: This method allows for both viewing and editing. It can be viewed by all users of the LIS.
    1. Editing of the User Manager is controlled by whether or not a user has been granted Administrator privileges.

Report Viewer Types

Referring Clinicians: Users who are Referring Clinicians will only be able to view reports assigned to them, regardless of the number of facilities that they work at. However, they can be added to as many facilities as necessary. If they have been given access to view reports from 3 different facilities, all reports from these facilities will be accessible to them in the same report viewer.

Facility Administrator: If the user is a staff member at a facility who has been delegated to access and download/print all the reports for physicians at the same facility, they will also need to be set up in the Facility-Report Viewer Manager.


How do I Create a New User?

After logging in, go to the Administration tab and select “User Manager” from the pull down menu.

Select the “[+] Add New Record” button. The following are required fields:

  1. Username
  2. Password
  3. Email Address
    1. Email address is used for password recovery. Please use a working email.
  4. Signature Full Name
    1. Must enter the user’s first and last name(s). Middle name is not mandatory.
  5. Report Viewer Checkbox – This should only be available to Clinicians outside the lab or Facility Managers:
    1. All eligible users must have the Report Viewer box checked to have access to the Report Viewer.
    2. If Online Requisition Ordering is enabled, also select the Online Req Mgr checkbox.

Note that NPI Numbers are required for all Pathologists.

Once you have filled in the required fields, click “Insert” to save all data and add the new user to the database.

You can add as much or as little additional data to the required fields as you choose.

How do I Delete a User? - Turning a User Off

WebPathLab does not allow physician data to be deleted. Certain user data may be deleted by our team if deemed appropriate, however, no user will be able to do so through the application. Instead, you will have the ability to turn a User’s/Physican’s access “Off” so that they can no longer log into the system or make any changes.

To do this, first go to the User Manager. Then search for the user you want to turn off. You can see that there is an “Active” column that shows this user’s status as “On.” That means they can access and interact with the site via all their role privileges.

To change this, click on the user’s name to open up the editing window. Note that there is an Active option with a drop down menu.

To change a user’s Active status, use this drop down to select “Off.” Then click the Update button.

Now that we’ve updated this user, it will no longer appear in the list of Active users.

To view users who have been turned off, use the Active column to filter for all “Off” statuses.


NOTE: Be careful when setting up relationships between users and facilities. If you accidentally link a facility with a user that is Inactive (or vice versa), neither will be available for selection within Quick/Full Accession.

How do I set up an Existing User with Report Viewer Access?

Just like with adding a New User, after logging in, go to the Administration tab and select “User Manager” from the pull down menu.

Search for the user you would like to give Report Viewer access. Once you’ve found the desired user, click on their name and a pop up window will appear with all the user’s information and permissions.

Check the boxes for “Online Requisition Manager” and “Report Viewer” to give the user Report Viewer access, then click “Update” to save your changes.

How do I change my Password?

If you have been set up with a temporary password, or you need to change it for security reasons, you can do so through the User Manager.


Use the filters at the top of the page to search for the User you need to edit. Then select the user.

An editing window will appear, just like when creating a new user, and you will be able to edit the information within. Use this to change the password to something strong. Write your password down somewhere you will be able to find it easily later! Once you are done editing, select the update button and all changes will be saved.

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