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All information that has been previously entered for the case will be available on the Transcription page (items in blue). Go step by step through the page and fill in all necessary fields by using the drop-down menus.

If the diagnosis is cancer-positive, you MUST select the “Yes” radio button to signal that cancer is present. The default selection will always be “No.” After you’ve added in the diagnosis, continue to fill in all necessary fields by using the drop-down menus.


ICD10 and CPT codes, and any deficiencies will transfer over but you can add or change them here if needed. 

If you want to save your progress at any time, select the “Save Changes” button. You will know the save has gone through if you receive an “Update Success!” message. Or, you can choose “Submit All” to submit the case and be taken back to the My Cases page.

Once you have finished transcribing the case, select the “Yes” radio button within the “Is Transcription Complete?” box at either the top or bottom of the page. This will update the markers on the My Cases page to show that the Transcription has been completed. Notice that a green “T” has been added and that the Status has been updated from “In-Work” to “Preliminary.”