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Stain Logs

Viewing Stain Orders – How to use the Stain Log page to view all Placed and Pending Special Stain Orders.

For further explanation, please visit our Stain Ordering Page.

All Pending and Placed Orders can be viewed on the Stain Log page. Once there, select the “Ordered Date From,” which also includes the time.

(Note that the defalt time will be 12:00 AM or 00:00:00 for the date selected. You can modify this time to match your search parameters.)

In the image below, only one case appears as a result of the search: Case SLC21-01108. Let’s select it and then click on the “View Selected” button.

The Special Stains Log will display all stains ordered for case SLC21-01108, regardless of whether they were ordered before the search date or not. The reason for this is to showcase any incomplete stains so that you can readily see them in this log. In this instance, both ordered stains are part of Order 67, which was placed on 02/19/21 at 12:10:52.

In detail, the log shows:
1. The exact date and time of the entered search parameters.
2. The Order ID.
3. The date and time that the order was placed. If there are previous orders for this case, they will also be shown in this log.
4. The status of the stain. There are three possible statuses: New, Completed, and Cancelled.
5. Special instructions entered when ordering the stain.