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Special Stain Completion

For further explanation, please visit our Stain Ordering Page.


Checking the Status of Ordered Stains - New vs Completed

When the pathologist logs into the system, they will see a blue “S” beside the Accession Number if any special stains have been ordered. This icon indicates that the stain status is New.

Once the stain has been finished at the lab, you can now mark it as “Completed.” To do this, access the Special Stain Completion page from the top menu under Case Management.


Enter the search parameters for the ordered special stains. For this example, we’ve entered the date and time as 2/29/2021 at 12:00 AM, and then clicked Search. The page returned two records for order 67.

In detail, this page shows:
1. Order ID.
2. Stain Status.
3. Date ordered.
4. All Stains that were ordered.
5. The ability to mark selected cases as Completed.
6. The ability to mark selected cases as New.
7. The ability to mark selected cases as Cancelled.
You can now select any stains by clicking on the check boxes beside them and then updating them to their correct status.

NOTE: As soon as you click on one of the buttons that changes stain status, the page will reload to display the new selected status. If you mark a stain as completed in error, you can simply select the stain again and mark it as the correct status.


After changing a stain status from New to Completed, the icon beside the Accession Number will show as a purple “C.” This will quickly indicate that the Special Stains for that case have been completed.

NOTE: It is up to PathologyWatch to determine at what point a stain is marked as Completed. It can be when the actual slide is completed or as soon as the special stain slides have been scanned and uploaded to the PathologyWatch Viewer.