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Organ Map

When you navigate to the Organ Map page, you will be able to choose from six different organ maps. Select the organ you need and you will be taken to a larger version to begin mapping.

On the left is a Key used to designate the style and name of each of the markers. On the right is the Marker Selection tool where you can choose any of the necessary markers. To add markers to the organ map, click on the desired shape and the mouse will transform into that marker. Place a marker by then clicking on the organ map. If you need to delete any markers, select the [X] tool then click on any unwanted markers to erase them.


To view the exact coordinates of a marker, select the “Detail [+]” button at the bottom of the page.

When you have finished placing all necessary markers, select the “Done” button at the bottom (in blue). If you need to return to the organ map selection page, click the “Back” button (in red).

After you have finished mapping, you will be returned to the main organ map page with the attachment file that you just completed visible at the bottom (in blue). The attachment itself (in green) is selectable, and doing so will open up a preview of the map as it will appear on the final report.

Preview Report:

All maps will be automatically attached to the case and can also be found on the File Upload page. If for whatever reason you need to delete a map that has already been created, you can do so on the File Upload Page. For further instructions, please refer to the File Upload page.