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Master Access Setup

This page allows an administrator to modify the permissions for a given user to allow them more (or less) access to the different system pages. Setup assumes you have already created the user and physician you wish to modify. If you need to know how to take these steps, first Create a New User, and then Assign that user as a Physician.

Before giving any new user access to the system, it is always a good idea to login with the new user’s name and password, and verify that they can view all their cases.

Master Access - Assign a New Pathologist Access to all Cases

To modify the access of a new pathologist to view all cases, use the “Master Access Setup.”

NOTE: This change does not automatically give the new pathologist access to sign out cases assigned to other pathologists. Once added, they will be able to view all cases, access the full accession of any case, and re-assign that case to themselves for review and sign out.

To begin, go to the Administration tab and select “Master Access Setup.”

Under the “Destination Page” header, type “MyCases” and several choices will appear.

Select “/2i/MyCases.aspx” then double click on the page name to open up the editor page. A popup like the one below will appear labeled “Edit Master Access.” From here, you can turn Access ON and choose to set Case Viewability to Self, All, or Other. For a new pathologist, we suggest setting the viewability to All.

Click Update to save your changes (or Cancel to close the window without applying any changes).

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