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Go to the Case Management tab and select “Labels.”

GREEN: The labels page will always default to the current date, as shown in the “Received Date From” field. You will also be shown a notification in red to remind you that you are viewing the current day’s data.

BLUE: These parameters are all used for you to narrow your search however much or little you like. The fields at the top relate to the case data while the radio buttons at the bottom detail the type of label you are trying to view.

The radio buttons for the “Select Label Type” section relate to the types of stains you would like to view and print.


We’ll start with the “Combined Stain Labels” to see all the labels for a single case.

1. Check the case that you would like to view. In this example, we’re using “California, Anaheim” as our test case.

2. Click the “View Selected/Generate label” button to see the combined stain labels for this case.


A pop-up window will appear that allows you to view the labels before you print them.

RED: These options are all for navigation and viewing. On the left, there is a list of all labels in the case that you can scroll through and select from. At the top, we can see that this case has 8 labels [1/8]. We can also zoom in on the labels to make them easier to read and review, make the window full screen, or rotate.


1. This is the document label, which can be added to the requisition form. With our Auto Image Uploader Module, this label will automatically upload and attach the paper requisition to the case once scanned. Click here for more info!