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Full Accession

Full Accession allows you to add in more than just patient demographics, like Insurance policy, ICD10s, and CPT codes.

To begin Full Accession, find the case on the My Cases page. By hovering over the case number, a drop down menu will appear. This houses all the In-Case actions that you can perform. Select the Full Accession option to continue the accessioning process.

All information entered in Quick Accession will be transferred over to the Full Accession page. Start by adding in the patient address and phone number(s).

Move on to entering Primary Insurance (and Secondary if needed). If the primary insurance holder is the patient, set “Patient’s Relationship to Insured” to “Self.” This will automatically copy over all the patient data from above to the insured fields. Then enter in the insurance carrier, ID numbers, and any other necessary data.

The last portion of the Full Accession process allows you to change the referring physician if necessary, or add any additional recipients or deficiencies that you may have missed during Quick Accession. You can also enter the ICD10 and CPT codes.

Note: You must click the “Insert” button to add any CPT codes. If you do not use the insert function, the code will not be added onto the case.

If you want to save your progress at any time, select the “Save Changes” button. You will know the save has gone through if you receive an “Update Success!” message. Or, you can choose “Submit All” to submit the case and be taken back to the My Cases page.

Once you have finished accessioning the case, scroll back up to the top and select the “Yes” radio button within the “Is Accession Complete?” box. This will update the markers on the My Cases page to show that the case is ready for Grossing.

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