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File Upload

The Upload Files page allows you to add images and attach documents to the report. These files can include organ maps, pictomicrographs, requisition forms, and even voice clips.

To upload a file to the system for attachment, select the “[+] Add New Record” button.

A new section will appear, allowing you to select the file you would like to upload, the comment to describe the attachment, and an optional caption as an additional descriptor.

To complete the upload, select the checkbox (highlighted in green) to add it to the system. If you add a file and need to change it, select the “Remove” option (circled in red) to upload a different file. And if you want to discard the entry entirely, select the [X] (highlighted in red).

Once a file has been fully added to the system, it will appear like the image below. To edit, select the pencil icon on the left (blue). To delete, select the X on the right (red). To add another file, select the “[+] Add New Record” button (green). 

You can add as many files as needed and they will automatically be attached to the final report.