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Fax Log

The Fax log page shows all faxes that have been sent out through the system, as well as the status of their receipt. To search for a specific fax, use the upper half of the page. You can filter by Accession #, Date Received, Sign Out Date, Status, etc.


For each fax that is sent, a message will be returned to denote the fax’s status. These messages are all pre-determined by the fax company, and offer a quick update as to which faxes were successfully received or not.

Success: The fax was sent successfully.

Busy: The receiving party’s fax machine is currently busy and unable to process the fax message. If a busy signal is returned, WPL will try to send the fax 4 times in total. If the receiving machine is still busy at those times, the fax will not go through.

Call Placement Error: An incorrect number was entered as the fax destination. Check the number and try again.

Unspecified Error: This means that the sending machine (aka your machine) has an issue with it. You may need to check with your office manager for any assistance. 

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