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Facility-Report Viewer Manager

What is a Report Viewer Manager?

Report Viewer Manger is a user that is granted access to all pathology reports of every clinician from each of the facilities that they are associated with. Associations can be assigned in the Facility ReportViewer Manager menu.

How do I access the Facility ReportViewer Manager?

To access the report viewer manager, go to the Administration tab and select Facility ReportViewer Manager from the pull down menu.

Facility ReportViewer Manager

This page creates and manages relationships between the user and the facilities that they have access to.

It shows:

  • The full name of the ReportViewer User, as entered into the User Manager.
  • The name of the facility that the user has complete access to.
  • The status of that relationship.

In the example below, let’s look at user James Behr, MDX.

We can see that he has been associated with three facilities, the names of each facility, and that his status of Manager has been turned on.

Creating a New Relationship

This feature allows a Manager to pair an existing user with a facility, as well as designating whether the user will have Manager access or not.

To create a new relationship:

  1. Click on the “Add new record” icon. A pop up window will display.
  2. In the window, select the user.  The pull down menu displays the user’s name as entered into the “Signature Full Name” field in the User Manager.
  3. Select the facility from the pull down menu.
  4. The status is by default set to “On.”
  5. Click “Insert” to finish creating the new relationship.


Manager permissions reflected in the Report Viewer

Using the previous examples, we have set up user James Behr, MDX as a Report Viewer Manager. Logging into the Report Viewer under his user account, we see that he can now view all the reports sent out by each of the three facilities that he has access to.

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