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Facility Physician Manager

Use this page to add a new association between a physician and a specified facility. This step cannot be completed until after you have created both the physician and facility.

Go to the Administration tab and select “Facility Physician Manager.”

Select the “[+] Add New Record” button and a pop up window will appear. The following are required fields:


Select the name of the physician you would like to associate. This action will allow the physician to view all cases from the assigned facility.

If you have not yet set up the physician, you can do so by first creating a user in the User Manager and then adding the physician in the Physician Manager.


Select the facility that the physician will need to have access to in order to view their cases.

If you have not yet set up the facility, you can do so by first creating a user in the Facility Manager.


Turn status “ON.”

Once you have filled in the required fields, click “Insert” to save all data and add the new association to the database. You can add as much or as little additional information to the remaining fields as you choose.

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