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 Finalized Report Correction

Modify case data without un-finalizing or amending a case. A Correction can be done by anyone, and does not require a Pathologist to sign out the case afterwards. However, because of this, Corrections only open the Full Accession page for edits.

To add necessary/fix existing data, see Amendment.

To add additional information to an already complete report, see Addendum.


In this example, we are going to modify the Referring Physician and Facility for a Finalized report: SP17-00035.

The current Physician is “James Behr” and the facility is “WPL Medical Center.” The new and correct physician is “Tom Smith” and the facility is “Behr Medical Group.”


First, access the Finalized reports through the My Cases page by hovering over SP17-00035 and selecting “Correction” from the drop down menu.


This opens up the Correction Window.

  1. Enter the reason for the correction in the text field. For this example we have written “Change referring physician to Tom Smith, MD and referring facility to Behr Medical Group.”
  2. Click the “Submit” button to record the correction. The page will automatically update.
  3. The date, time, reason for correction, and username are all displayed in the Correction History field at the top of the page. This allows you to track all changes made after the finalization process.


Access to “In-Case Actions” and “Full Accession” is now available again. Since we’ve already added our reasons for correction, we can now navigate to the Full Accession page to start directly modifying the case.


We are changing the Physician and Facility for this example, so we’ll select the new “Referred By” entry for Tom Smith at Behr Medical Group.

Make sure to save your changes!


Now that we’ve made and saved the change, we can access the Preview Report to view and verify the change.


The Preview Report looks correct. Now we have to re-generate the finalized report.

NOTE: If you stop at this step, your correction will not be finalized.


To make your changes permanent, access the Correction page again from the In-Case Actions menu.


  1. Click on the “Complete and Finalize Correction” button at the bottom of the page, and a pop-up will appear requesting confirmation to republish the report.
  2. Click OK to submit your correction to the finalized report.


A “Corrections” field is now added to the report that shows:

  • How many corrections were made.
  • What the corrections were.
  • Who submitted each correction.
  • The date and time each correction was submitted.

WebPathLab keeps track of all the corrections made to reports. This way the customer is informed that this new report has updated information in the patient demographics section.


If we go back to the My Cases page, we see that case SP17-00035 shows a new report status of “Finalized/Corrected.”


It is best practice to enter a reason for why a case has been corrected, but if the user does not enter any data in the Corrections page and clicks on the submit button, the Full Accession page will still become available to make the needed correction. If no correction is input, however, there will be no “Corrections” section in the corrected report. This can cause frustration and confusion with the referring clinician’s office as it may be very difficult to tell which is the original and which is the corrected report.


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