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Batch Signout

This page allows the assigned Pathologist to review and sign out all their cases in one location.

On the My Cases page, select “Batch Signout” from the AP Cases menu.

The Batch Signout page will show all of a particular pathologist’s cases that are ready to be signed out. Pathologists will only be able to see cases that have been assigned to them. They will then have the ability to review each case before signout. The review process can be started by selecting the green “R” icon associated with any listed case.

Selecting the “R” will open up WebPathLab’s Dual View Signout feature. This allows the pathologist to view and edit the Transcription page on the left (Editable Screen) while seeing all changes in real time on the right (PDF Report). This is one of our most powerful features, allowing the pathologist to review, edit, upload, view the preview report all at once.


All images and organ maps will be shown on both sides. Their captions can be added or changed, or the image/map can be removed altogether simply by selecting the “Remove From Report” checkbox.

Saving changes on the Editable Screen will populate them into the PDF Report for instant review. Once the pathologist is satisfied, they can click the “Approve For Signout” button to be returned to the Batch Signout Page.


This process can be repeated quickly and easily for each report in the signout queue by selecting the green “R” icon beside each case. Or, if preferred, the “View PDF” button at the bottom will populate a list of all preview reports that have had their checkboxes selected on the left. In this case, only X21-00001 has been selected, but you may select as many cases to view as you wish.


Once the pathologist is ready to signout all the cases, they enter their password at the bottom of the list and the “Submit Batch of Reports to Signout” button will become clickable. By pressing this button, all cases that have been checked will be signed out.


 As an aside, there is a separate column for both Amendments (AMD) and Addendums (ADD). If any exist, a small pencil icon will appear. Clicking on it will open a new window where you will be able to review any prior changes related to that case.

Please see our video explanation below if you prefer.

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