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Quickly check and/or edit all files that have been uploaded to any case in the system, Working or Finalized.

Use the Case Management tab and navigate to the Attachments page.


All attachments that have been processed through the system will be available here. You can use any of the fields at the top to search for cases or files.


There are mulitple actions that you can take with any file that has been uploaded to the system and attached to a case: View, Edit or Delete.


For image attachments, you can quick-view them by hovering over the icon.


If you click on the Attachment File Name, a pop up will appear showing the image and all associated data as it will appear on the report.


To view any attachments through the File Upload page, click on the Accession Number and you will be forwarded to that page.


This will allow you to view ALL attachments associated with the selected case. You can also begin your Editing process here if you would like, including uploading, deleting, and adding.



To edit the File Type of an attachment, double click on the descriptor (in this case, we are editing the File Type: Photomicrograph). The descriptor will turn into a drop down menu.


This drop down menu will allow you to select from all available File Types, which may change whether the attachment will appear on the Final Report. (Note that if a report has already been finalized, the case will need to be Addended in order to show any images/files.)



Here, however, we decide that we no longer need this attachment and we want to delete it. This will NOT remove the attachment from the system but it will remove it from the report prior to finalizing.

Select “Deleted Item” from the drop down menu and click just beside the menu.


The new designation is now ready to process. You MUST select “Process Changes” for the change to take affect. After doing so, the attachment in question will have been updated.


You can use this method for any file and designation, but make sure that the file types match. (Don’t classify a sound file as an image file and expect it to show on the report.) And remember that cases that are finalized must be amended or addended to showcase any new files on a finalized report.