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AP Macros Manager

Go to the Administration tab and select “AP Macros Manager.”


You will be shown a list of dictionaries related to your installation. Select the one you would like to edit by clicking the tab, and a list will appear with that dictionary’s records.

In this example, we’re going to edit the “Amendment” dictionary.

After choosing the desired tab at the top of the dictionary list, select the “[+] Add New Record” button and a pop up window will appear. Add the Mnemonic and Description fields.


This is the code that you will use to populate the description. This can be particular to your business rules if you choose.

Example: You might choose ABDOMEN EXC as your mnemonic to stand for Abdominal Excision in the description.


This is connected to and describes the mnemonic. It can be as short as a single word or an entire paragraph diagnosis.

Set Active to “Yes” so that you are able to utilize the new term. If this is set to “No,” the mnemonic will not appear in any of the system drop down menus.

Click “Insert” to add your new term to the database.

Once you’ve created a new dictionary entry, you can edit it by selecting the pencil [🖉] icon to the left of the mnemonic.

You can also delete an entry that is no longer desired by selecting the “X” to the very right of the mnemonic line.

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