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Begin by searching for the case in the Finalized section.



Once you locate the case, use the caret to the right of the accession number to open the in-case action menu. From here, you can select several different options for the finalized case. We’ll be making an Amendment in this example, so let’s select the Amendment option.



On the Amendment page, there are a few steps to follow.

The “Attach Amendment to Case” drop down (Green) is an optional step. You can use this by adding a prefabricated amendment text on the AP Macros page.



  1. Type in the Amendment manually in the text box provided. You can add minimal formatting here as well.
  2. * Select the Assigned pathologist. This is a very important step. Make sure the Assigned Pathologist selected matches the same pathologist who was originally assigned to the case.
  3. Submit.



Now that the text has been submitted, it will appear in the Amendment History field at the top of the page. Time and date of the amendment, as well as the pathologist the amendment was created for will be displayed.


If you need to edit the text at all, you can simply type it in the text box and select Submit again. The text will update accordingly.


Now that the case has been amended, the In-Case Actions menu at the top will show all the case options that were locked once the case was finalized. You are free to go back in and make the changes that are required.


When you’ve finished making all necessary changes, return to the My Cases page and search for the case. Remember that the case is no longer finalized, so you will need to search through the Working Cases.

Note that the Status has now been updated to show that the case was Amended and is ready to be Finalized. At this stage, make sure that you’ve made all the changes you need before you finalize again.


When you are sure the case is ready to be finalized, do so as normal through the Batch Signout page.

Note that the Status shows as being changed here, too. There is also an AMD column with a clickable icon. Selecting this icon will open a new browser tab and showcase the Amendment page for last minute review.