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Access Templates

The Access Templates page allows you to use a previously created user and copy their permissions to another user with the same system access. This is great for when you want to quickly setup new hires.

This page assumes you have already created the user you wish to modify. If you would like to know how to Create a New User, please go here.

Before giving any new user access to the system, it is always a good idea to login with the new user’s name and password, and verify that the new pathologist can view all their cases.

How to Copy an Existing Template to a New User

Under the Administration tab, select Access Templates. The objective is to assign the new user the same access and privileges as an existing user instead of adding each
permission one by one.

Select the username of the user you wish to use as a template. For a new pathologist, the best approach is to select the username of an existing pathologist that will have the
same access privileges as the one you are creating.

In this example, we are trying to transfer the template for user “ricky” to new user “Jeremy1010.”

  1. Type in the username you want to use as a template. The system will display all the pages that this user has access to. In this example, the user “ricky” has access to 76 pages or items.
  2. Type in the username you want to apply the template to. Start typing the name of the new user. In this example we select Jeremy1010.

As a new user, Jeremy1010 has access to only one page – the MyCases page – and can only sign out cases assinged to him. To give Jeremy1010 all of ricky’s access, we click on the “Assign Template Selected From Step 1 To user Selected From Step 2” button at the bottom of the page.

We now see that all 76 pages and/or items have been added to user Jeremy1010.

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